About AllerPassMD

Compliant, properly diagnosed and managed allergy and asthma sufferers lead normal, productive lives with only occasional symptoms. Reducing allergen exposure through appropriate environmental modification plays a vital part in any allergy management. Allergy/asthma specialists direct environmental modifications based on the correlation of symptoms with the results of allergy testing. Appropriate modifications lead to improved health status due to a reduction of allergen exposure at home.

Unfortunately, travel exposes the asthma/allergy suffering to allergen-filled hotel rooms, triggering sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and breathing difficulties, compromising vacations and and business trips.

Over 20 years of conversations with patients and hotel industry professionals led to the realization that allergy and asthma sufferers need an authoritative information source to plan healthy, successful vacations and business trips. AllerPassMD was conceived as a response to this unmet need. It is the most comprehensive, unbiased, professionally compiled guide to hypoallergenic hotel rooms.