What Works?

Dust Mite proof beds

Pillow, mattress, bedspring and comforter covered with a dust mite proof membrane. Some of the membranes allow water vapor to pass through increasing comfort levels. Sheets and pillow cases are fitted over the membranes. The membranes must be maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions and replaced when appropriate. Bedding must be washed in hot (130 F) water. Bedspreads must be washed weekly in hot (130F) water. The above method significantly reduces the greatest dust mite exposure of a 24 hour period. Dust mite antigen is relatively heavy and is not present in significant concentration in room air (except for 30-45 minutes after room cleaning). Air filters are not effective in exposure prevention.

Low Dust Design

Curtains, pillows, cloth covered furniture, (as opposed to smooth surface upholstery), tapestries, stuffed animals act as reservoirs for allergenic particles including dust mite, mold, pollen and pet dander. Wall to wall carpets have a similar effect. Designing with the above in mind reduces the overall room allergen concentrations and facilitates efficient cleaning.

No wall to wall carpet

Wall to wall carpets provide a permissive environment for dust mite growth. When laid on a concrete floor they may provide a relatively humid environment, promoting dust mite and mold growth. The carpet also acts as a reservoir for allergenic dust mite, mold, dander and pollen particles. Locations higher then 1500m(5000ft) above sea level have significantly reduced dust mite concentration.

Air Filtration

Filtering devices to remove airborne particles. Some units also contain charcoal to remove airborne chemical irritants. HEPA filtration is the most appropriate for removing airborne allergens. Ionizing filters produce ozone, a potent irritant of the respiratory tract, especially in asthmatics.

Air Conditioning

Properly fitted, high quality filters will prevent the contamination of rooms with pollens and outdoor molds. The filters must be inspected and replaced on a regular basis. AC must be maintained properly to keep the machines clean and leak free.

Bathroom mold control

A well ventilated bathroom removes mold promoting moisture. Shower enclosures should be cleaned regularly to remove any mold growth. Shower curtains should be mold proof and/or inspected regularly and changed if musty smelling or showing mold growth. Washable bath mats are preferred.

Hypoallergenic Cosmetics

The skin of eczema and dermatitis sufferers is significantly more sensitive to irritants such as harsh soaps, perfumes and antimicrobial solutions. The use of fragrance free, hypoallergenic shampoos, soaps and lotions is recommended to prevent acute exacerbations and discomfort.