How We Rate?

Ratings are based on information provided by hotels and firms involved, travelers’ reviews and photos. The appropriateness and quality of materials, products and technology used in hotel rooms is evaluated and scored (See below). The practical value of each of the environmental modifications is determined from the results of studies in specialty, peer reviewed, scientific journals.

The list is as complete as possible but omissions are certain and hotel managers, equipment manufacturers, distributors and travelers are encouraged to submit information and comments. Feedback provided by travelers, allergy specialist and other interested parties will be analyzed and incorporated into the database.

Individual hotel "report cards" include scores for indoor allergens, outdoor allergens and skin allergens/irritants. Scores are updated as a function of new information about the rooms, changing technology and new studies published on the subject.

The ratings are divided into three categories which are then subdivided into pertinent subcategories:

  1. Indoor allergens
    1. Dust Mites
    2. Animal Danders
    3. Mold Spores
  2. Outdoor allergens
    1. Pollens
    2. Molds Spores
  3. Contactants (Hair and body products)
    1. Fragrances
    2. Antibacterials
    3. Preservatives

The ratings are based on the presence or absence of pertinent allergy control measures in the room as they relate to each of the above listed factors. Ratings are computed for sub-categories, categories and a global allergy control score is expressed as a score out of 100. Sub-categories allow travelers to find specific hotels which address their particular allergic sensitivities.

For example:
A hotel may have excellent dust mite control measures but allowing pets to stay in rooms would make pet allergic individuals susceptible to severe symptoms while staying in such rooms.

A filtered air conditioner and good mold control may make a pollen and mold sensitive traveler very comfortable during late spring in Washington DC, but a dust mite allergic person may still experience problems if room is not mite proofed.

The factors considered in the ratings:

  1. Filtered, appropriately maintained air conditioning.
  2. Dust mite proof pillow covers
  3. Dust mite proof mattress covers
  4. Dust mite proof comforter cover/washable blanket
  5. Dust mite proof box spring cover
  6. Presence/absence of wall to wall carpet
  7. Low dust room design
  8. Hotel altitude above 1500 meters (5000 ft)
  9. Pet free hotel floor or section/room
  10. Feather free
  11. Humidity control
  12. Air Filter (appropriately maintained)
  13. Mold resistant shower curtain (or shower enclosure)
  14. Mold resistant bath mats (or washable mats)
  15. Leak Free (windows, baths, air conditioner)
  16. No carpet on ground floor slab.
  17. Fragrance free, hair and body products (no antibacterial agents)

Important Legal Disclaimer

AllerPassMD is an information service. We collect and present information as it is provided by the listed establishments. We are not responsible for the truthfulness or completeness of such information. Although we strive to keep the information as current as possible, we strongly urge users to contact the hotel directly and verify the information before making a reservation. The information presented does not constitute a real or implied guarantee or endorsement of any the products, technologies, procedures or health outcomes related to or claimed by the manufacturers or users of those products, technologies or procedures.

Very Important Health Warning

The listings and hotel scores are not a substitute for appropriate medical care. Successful management of asthma and allergy is a function of the individual patient, the managing doctor and a variety of external and internal factors. The information is a guide to facilitate rational decision making but does not replace appropriate management of asthma and allergies. The information is not a guarantee against the development of potentially severe symptoms of allergy or asthma while traveling.